Climb-A Animal Management Modules

Climb for Animal Management (Climb-A)

Climb-A is an introductory package featuring all the best of Climb’s animal management modules. The Climb-A package includes key functionality for vivariums including:

  • Animal receiving
  • Breeding
  • Housing
  • Animal tasks
  • Animal workflows
  • Animal health
  • Census
  • Cage card printing
  • Full Audit Tracking

Climb-A also comes standard with RockStep’s email support and access to online training manuals and videos.

For pricing and orders, please email and include Climb-A in the header.

Research Lab and Animal Management

Climb is an end-to-end solution for grant funded and industry partner animal model research programs.

  • Animal breeding, workflow management, and sample tracking
  • Resource scheduling
  • Protocol execution
  • Data tracking and sharing
  • Sample tracking
  • IACUC reporting
  • Animal census reporting