Animal Model Research and Veterinary Care

Animal Breeding and Acquisition

  • Animal records with admin customizable data fields
  • Add new animals from births or from offsite acquisitions
  • Plan and set up matings: pair, trio, harem, techinical, and timed pregnancies
  • Record births and wean animals


  • Record results from in-house or offsite testing
  • Import records or add new
  • 96 well plate design
  • Linked to animal record
  • Assays linked to animal line

Animal Model Research

  • Animal data integrated into experiment and job design and results
  • Animals and cohorts easily added to experiments
  • Query results by animal, experiment, or task
  • Maintain records per IACUC standards

Track Species Required by USDA

  • Track all mammals, reptiles, and amphibians
  • Unique animal ID for each animal
  • Set up task and timeline for acclimation time, titer checks, health examinations, parasite testing, and vaccinations
  • Link all documentation to animal record or the care plan
  • Document injuries and assign treatment plan
  • Plan and assign tasks for enrichment and exercise
  • Document exceptions