Six Advantages of a Cloud-Based LIMS Software for Animal Research

Today’s labs are under constant pressure to maximize efficiency and security. Both endeavors can be improved with help from automated systems, which draw on the power of the cloud to provide simple and secure data access. Under a cloud-based approach, study log software is managed by a third party rather than originating from an onsite server. This enables online access while removing many of the inconveniences associated with server solutions.

Let’s a take a look at six advantages of cloud-based software:

1. Flexibility

Fluctuating demands are a reality of modern animal research that must be dealt with strategically. Cloud systems make it possible to adapt to sudden changes in research requirements by scaling resources up and down in response to current demand. The flexibility of the cloud also references its inherent accessibility. With cloud-based study log LIMS, approved users can access necessary data at any time and from any location.

2. Reduced Costs

The flexibility of the cloud allows for a favorable payment structure in which you pay for computational services, not hardware that needs to be maintained and periodically replaced. What’s more, the cloud delivers significant savings in the form of lower startup costs. Instead of purchasing servers and hardware, it’s possible to get cloud systems up and running while making a remarkably low upfront investment.

3. Swift Implementation

Implementation processes can play a significant factor in costs and efficiency, for, as already mentioned, the process of setting up servers can get very expensive and time-consuming. When time is of the essence, cloud-based LIMS is the best option for rapid deployment.

4. Data Security

Today’s cloud systems use advanced security protocols to prevent breaches which can lead to intellectual property (IP) loss, data corruption, or other security concerns. The best solutions incorporate strict authentication protocols, which follow industry best practices and can be integrated with enterprise systems. Encryption delivers further peace of mind. Cloud systems continuously monitor for unusual activity and quickly alert administrators as soon as anything out of the ordinary is detected.

5. Backup Solutions

While security protocols minimize the potential for downtime, it’s also crucial to address options for the worst-case scenarios. Therein lies the value of cloud systems, which provide for real-time data replication in different geographical zones. Data backups can be called on in the event of an environmental disaster or other outage cause. Data redundancy ensures that critical data is never lost and remains easily accessible.

6. Seamless Updates

The cloud allows for automatic updates, which helps software run at peak efficiency while addressing any potential vulnerabilities. Automatic patches and other upgrades remove much of the hassle of keeping animal research LIMS software updated.

Climb: The Ultimate Cloud Solution for Study Log Software

Climb by RockStep Solutions is committed to providing access to critical lab data when and where you need it. Our cloud system is highly scalable and secure, with quick implementation and automatic updates allowing for reduced costs over time.

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