Press Release: Announcing our New Cambridge, UK Office

Portland, Maine, Feb 1st 2023- RockStep Solutions, suppliers of the Climb™ platform for managing in vivo research, announced from their Portland, Maine headquarters the opening of their new UK subsidiary RockStep Solutions UK, Ltd. The subsidiary is based in Cambridge, UK, and led by Richard Coxon, Head of EMEA Operations. 

Coxon brings more than two decades of experience in leading digital transformations in Life Sciences R&D. He is now expanding the RockStep UK team of experts to advance the company’s objectives of leading the digitalization of Europe’s in vivo laboratories. 

“I’m incredibly excited to be leading this endeavor,” said Mr. Coxon when asked for his thoughts on the official opening of the Cambridge office. He continued, “every Pharmaceutical Company and Life Sciences research organization is on a digitalization journey in their labs because there is such a huge opportunity to gain efficiencies and create more robust processes. The in vivo labs have been particularly unloved over the years, lacking a specific and relevant cloud solution to start the transformation. Now with Climb™, in vivo labs have a comprehensive native cloud technology solution available to them that can be deployed in weeks and has been shown to create robust processes bringing up to 50% efficiency gains, helping break down the data silos which slow the delivery of new therapeutics to market. We’ve had huge success with many customers in the US, and now it’s time for the European drug companies and research organizations to take advantage of this groundbreaking cloud technology.” 

About RockStep

RockStep Solutions is a leading supplier of in vivo research and operations management software. Their flagship product, Climb™, is used by the pharmaceutical industry to improve research quality and increase operational efficiencies. Designed to address the challenges facing in vivo research by scientists and researchers with hands-on experience, Climb™ replaces spreadsheets, paper notes, and disconnected point solutions with a single software platform used across the entire lab. Climb™ provides the tools that research teams need to get their jobs done more efficiently, accelerating the pace of drug discovery. For more information, visit

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Climb is designed to address the challenges facing in vivo research by scientists and researchers with hands-on experience.

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6 Common FAQs for Climb Customer Support

Customer Support

A blog article by Karissa Panzino

Climb is a collaborative research and operations management tool that is used to increase the efficiency of in vivo research and eliminate data silos. Climb has a large variety of functionality that allows it to be utilized across all areas of in vivo research management.

However, this also means that questions sometimes arise about what exactly can be accomplished using the software. Read on to explore some common FAQs that the Customer Support Team receives and how these requests are handled in Climb.

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Climb for Autoimmune Disease Research

Climb Dashboard

A blog article by Ashlie Reker, Ph.D.

Autoimmune diseases result from the inability of one’s immune system to differentiate between cells of the body or “self cells” and foreign cells or “non-self cells”. This can ultimately lead to the body launching an immune response against self-cells that are mistaken as foreign – that is, the body attacks itself.

Currently, 5-8% of the global population is afflicted with one of the 80 known auto-immune disorders, to include Lupus, Psoriasis, and Type 1 Diabetes, and historical evidence suggests these numbers will continue to rise (Fugger, L. et al., 2020; Dinse, G. E. et al., 2020). Genetics, intracellular signaling, lifestyle, environment, and their interactions have been identified as underlying mechanisms for the development of auto-immune disorders.

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Climb for Neuroscience

brain neurons

A blog article by Ashlie Reker, Ph.D.

Fairly recently, the field of neuroscience seemed to be suffering from brain drain  (Sifferlin, Alexandra, 2014; Markram, Henry, 2013). Advances in our understanding of how the central nervous system functions, and the physiological and behavioral manifestations of these functions, and dysfunctions, were slow. As a result, the development of innovative treatments for conditions bearing high burden of disease, such as neuropsychiatric disorders and dementia, were significantly lacking.

New technological innovations allowed for a resurgence in neuroscience research output, so much so that some have dubbed the 2010s as “The Decade of The Brain”.

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Where Climb Fits in the Drug Discovery Process

Where Climb fits in the drug research process

Climb can help your research team streamline in vivo drug discovery.

The drug discovery process is a long and winding road from target discovery to FDA approval and getting the finished product to market. Climb fits smoothly in the middle of this journey in the in vivo research stage and will streamline your lab by:

  • Managing your animal colony with ease
  • Housing your study design, protocols, schedule, and assignments all in one convenient location
  • Managing your samples
  • Searchable, harmonized data

RockStep Solutions is partnered with Dotmatics which allows Climb to integrate smoothly with the rest of their upstream and downstream capabilities. Our API capability also integrates with lab equipment like scales and calipers and will automatically transfer data reducing the risk of human error!

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Improve Your Lab’s Collaboration

Improve your in vivo research efficiency

Climb can improve collaboration across your entire team, from scientists to vivarium managers and vet techs, by giving everyone involved in the in vivo research process the information they need to get their jobs done correctly and efficiently.

Scientists use Climb to design their studies and provide detailed instructions to lab technicians. Study directors use Climb to manage all aspects of the laboratory workflows and scheduling. At the lab bench, technicians use Climb to guide their work and capture experimental data.

Climb’s native cloud technology allows for secure, on-demand access from anywhere, reducing data silos and improving communication.

RockStep’s in vivo management solution Climb helps labs get more cures to market faster.  Take the video tour or request a demo!