Data Dangers: Scientific Data Risk Management

A blog article by Ashlie Reker Ph.D.

Data! Data! Data! It is the reason we do science, the carrot at the end of the cart of discovery, the pièce de resistance of our existence… OK, maybe not quite that far.

No matter its rank, we spend incredible amounts of time reviewing previous data (published and our own). Continue reading “Data Dangers: Scientific Data Risk Management”

Why are in vivo Studies Important?

A blog article by Ashlie Reker Ph.D.

At its most basic interpretation, in vivo means “in living”. This term is sometimes confused with in vitro, which means “in glass”.  Pertaining to biomedical research, in vitro utilizes cells that are kept alive in a glass dish or tube to collect data on how diseases and/or treatments impact living organisms at the cellular level.  Continue reading “Why are in vivo Studies Important?”