Climb + Dotmatics

Climb is a comprehensive, cloud-based research management platform for in vivo drug discovery.

RockStep Solutions designed and developed Climb in close partnership with the in vivo study team at Novartis-NIBR, a Nobel Laureate’s laboratory at UCSF, and a large public biotech to address the complex needs of in vivo studies.  

Climb can handle all aspects of your in vivo research project, reducing inefficiencies and improving speed to market!

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Climb runs in the highly secure Azure™ cloud, which provides global infrastructure to easily scale from small biotechs to global pharmaceutical companies. Climb aggregates, harmonizes, and delivers data across therapeutic areas, helping get the right drugs to market faster. With a multinational customer base, Climb is now recognized as a best-in-class solution for in vivo drug discovery.
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The collaboration between Climb and Dotmatics enables a fully integrated workflow that saves researchers’ time and improves ease of operation as a further step towards the Lab of The Future (LOTF).

This combination creates an integrated digitalized solution for end-to-end in vivo research, drug discovery and assay management. By integrating Climb’s flexibility to design and execute in vivo studies for animal research and the Dotmatics Platform, the steps required by scientists to execute and manage all data associated with drug discovery projects is reduced- thereby streamlining processes and improving the overall user experience.

The Dotmatics Platform acts as a central data hub for Climb, with all data accessible on-demand and stored securely in the cloud to future-proof discovery and safety operations. Digitalizing drug discovery allows integration across departments and time-zones, enabling researchers to explore and search data upstream and downstream with visibility into operations and chain of custody.

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