Climb for Contract Research Organizations

Climb is a comprehensive management platform designed to streamline high-throughput in vivo research.

Designed by scientists for scientists, Climb accelerates research- getting results to clients faster. 

Does your lab need to:

Escape data chaos with harmonized, aggregated, searchable data?

Improve research efficiencies and deliver results to clients faster?

Manage regulatory compliance for multiple customers, including IACUC protocols?

About Climb

Designed by scientists for scientists, Climb offers auditable, comprehensive study and colony management. Clean, harmonized data means less time wrangling data and faster delivery to clients. Climb is also flexible and customizable, adapting to any research pipeline and project size.

Climb acts as a central data repository and collaboration hub for all in vivo research, managing everything from one convenient platform.

Key Features

Comprehensive in vivo Platform

  • Study Design
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Sample Tracking
  • Calendar and Scheduling
  • Veterinary Care
  • Data Capture
  • Inventory Management


Streamlines Lab Operations

  • Simplifies regulatory reporting
  • Adaptable to any research area
  • Reduce data silos with real-time collaboration
  • External integrations via API
  • Robust scheduling and resource management
  • Role-based access

    Full audit trail, data redundancy and database backups

    Harmonized, aggregated, searchable data

    Adaptable for utility in any research pipeline

    Full situational awareness of all lab operations

    Customizable vocabularies and workflows

    Comprehensive training and responsive support staff

    Rapid local or global deployment with minimal IT support

    Secure data storage with built-in disaster recovery

    Native cloud application, browser-based and scalable

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    “Reliable and accurate data capture, experimental reproducibility, and process control are crucial to our science. RockStep Solutions stepped up to the plate with Climb.

    Our lab now runs more efficiently, and we are getting more science done!”

    - Gary Churchill, PhD

    Professor, Karl Gunnar Johansson Chair, The Jackson Laboratory

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