Climb for Pharma

Climb is native cloud research management software designed for high throughput in vivo drug discovery.

Easy to use and scalable, Climb manages all your in vivo lab operations and data – enabling you to get more science done!

A new era of science is upon us and, with it, an explosion of new innovation across the biopharmaceutical and pharmacology fields. The Covid-19 pandemic alone has shown the possibilities for scientists to discover new vaccines in record time and the possibilities of treatments for other diseases could be on our doorstep.

With innovation, however, comes increasingly complex technology with more data and process orchestration than ever before. As a result, the need for pharmaceutical companies to reduce data silos, increase data harmonization, and rely on accurate communication are more important than ever!

Climb can improve your pharmaceutical research by:

Escaping data chaos with harmonized, aggregated, searchable data

Achieving full situational awareness of lab operations

Streamlining regulatory compliance, including IACUC protocols and IND submissions

Climb Dashboard
  • Climb manages, tracks, and logs all aspects of in vivo preclinical drug discovery. Climb offers auditable, comprehensive study and colony management to ensure data accuracy and increased efficiency, ultimately getting therapeutics to market faster and increasing ROI.


  • Climb provides full situational awareness of all lab activities and encourages collaboration between departments and teams. Its ease of use, configurability, and scalability make it the ideal in vivo LIMS solution for pharmaceutical companies.


  • Climb acts as a central data repository and collaboration hub for all in vivo research, managing everything from one convenient platform.


Flexible and customizable, Climb adapts to any research pipeline including oncology, neurology, and genetics. Easily generate IACUC animal welfare and usage reports, cage cards, or customize reports to fit your needs.

The Climb Difference

Comprehensive in vivo Platform

  • Study Design
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Sample Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Veterinary Care
  • Data Capture


  • Full audit trail, data redundancy and database backups
  • High throughput with multiple users and role-based accessHarmonized, aggregated, searchable data
  • Customizable for utility in any research pipeline
  • Full situational awareness of all lab operations
  • Customizable vocabularies and workflows
  • Rapid local or global deployment with minimal IT support
  • Native cloud application, browser-based and scalable

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    Dedicated Customer Service Experience

    Our customer service team at Rockstep Solutions will provide you with the training you need for your lab to hit the ground running including:

    • Needs Analysis Call – What research are you doing? What functionality are you looking for in Climb? What are your current research and data management methods?


    • Live Climb 2.0 Demo – Based on the information gathered during the Needs Analysis call, we will schedule a 90-minute Live Demo of Climb 2.0 tailored to your research needs. We can either showcase a redacted study of your choosing and explore how Climb can improve your current processes or do a general overview of the software.


    • Workshop – If you’d like a more hands-on experience before making the final buying decision, we also offer an optional Workshop and private training environment for an additional fee. If Climb is purchased, the Workshop fee will be credited towards the purchase cost.


    • Onboarding – We provide a deep dive of the entire application to ensure your success. Your team will also have access to the sandbox environment from your workshop during this time.


    If you are having issues submitting a ticket you may also email us at .

    Support Hours: 8am to 8pm ET, Mon-Fri

    We monitor our support channels after hours in case there are any critical issues. We will respond within 24 hours (but usually a lot quicker than that during weekdays!).

    “Having gone through a 1.5 year process to onboard [other digital platform] for a large group at my previous job, I was able to fully appreciate the value and potential of Climb for our operations early in the launch process. It has exceeded my expectations.

    The rapid deployment, user friendly, intuitive, customizable format allowed us to convert our colony and project schedule management entirely to CLIMB in the span of a few months. “

    - Senior Scientist

    Tier 1 Pharma

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