Climb for Pharma

Climb is your modern in vivo research and operations management solution.

Handling everything from colony management to study design and sample collection, Climb acts as a single source of truth for your animal research operations.

Climb provides the tools and information your team needs to get their jobs done more efficiently and accelerate your drug discovery process!

Climb desktop on an ipad

Climb accelerates your in vivo research and operations by:

Organizing and storing your data securely, with robust filters and search capabilities

Achieving full situational awareness of lab operations

Reducing error with detailed task instructions and improved study visibility


  • Climb manages, tracks, and logs all aspects of in vivo preclinical drug discovery. Climb offers auditable, comprehensive study and colony management to ensure data accuracy and increased efficiency, ultimately getting therapeutics to market faster and increasing ROI.
  • Climb provides full situational awareness of all lab activities and encourages collaboration between departments and teams. Its ease of use, configurability, and scalability make it the ideal in vivo LIMS solution for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Climb acts as a central data repository and collaboration hub for all in vivo research, managing everything from one convenient platform.


Flexible and customizable, Climb adapts to any research pipeline including oncology, neurology, and genetics. Easily generate IACUC animal welfare and usage reports, cage cards, or customize reports to fit your needs.

The Climb Difference

Comprehensive in vivo Platform

  • Study Design
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Sample Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Veterinary Care
  • Data Capture


  • Full audit trail, data redundancy and database backups
  • High throughput with multiple users and role-based accessHarmonized, aggregated, searchable data
  • Customizable for utility in any research pipeline
  • Full situational awareness of all lab operations
  • Customizable vocabularies and workflows
  • Rapid local or global deployment with minimal IT support
  • Native cloud application, browser-based and scalable

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    Onboarding and Support

    We are committed to excellence in both the quality of our software and the experience we provide our customers. Our comprehensive onboarding process provides you with both hands-on software training and best practices customized to your workflows.

    Deploying to multiple sites or across large teams? No problem! We will work with you to create an onboarding plan and schedule that fits your needs.

    Once onboarding is complete, our Customer Support Team is always ready to answer questions and provide assistance as needed. Need some extra support? We can provide additional support plans tailored to your team.

    Choosing and onboarding a new LIMS platform can be daunting, but our team will be there every step of the way to set your lab up for success!

    “Having gone through a 1.5 year process to onboard [other LIMS system] for a large group at my previous job, I was able to fully appreciate the value and potential of Climb for our operations early in the launch process. It has exceeded my expectations.

    The rapid deployment, user friendly, intuitive, customizable format allowed us to convert our colony and project schedule management entirely to CLIMB in the span of a few months. “

    - Senior Scientist

    Tier 1 Pharma

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