Climb Software for Animal Model Research

Your in vivo Testing Solution

Successful animal model research relies on advanced systems designed to streamline everything from animal acquisitions to the experiment design. Without adequately implemented research management software, you risk wasting your limited time and budget on an inefficient and potentially non-compliant process. 

Don’t let the opportunity for efficient and effective animal research data management pass you by. Climb delivers with an easy-to-implement system that simplifies workflow management, data integration, and every other aspect of in vivo testing. 

Key advantages made possible by Climb’s protocol management for animal research include:

  • Research scheduling tools ensure that the right staff members are completing their assigned tasks appropriately. 
  • Maintain detailed and thorough records according to the most stringent Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) standards.
  • Traceability and accountability are provided via auditing solutions, which can track communications and data changes as needed.
  • Configurable inputs, outputs, vocabularies, and workflow definitions can be adjusted based on specific study requirements.

The result? Accurate datasets that are easy to analyze and interpret. This, in turn, could prompt the groundbreaking discoveries that are so desperately needed in the medical world. It all begins with strategically managed animal research.

Don’t compromise when selecting or implementing animal research data management systems. The right animal research LIMS can make all the difference, paving the path to accurate results and impressive efficiency every step of the way. This is your opportunity to transform your in vivo lab through the power of digitalization.

Animal model research for biomedical, preclinical, and drug discovery research.

Animal Model Research and Veterinary Care

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Animal model research for biomedical, preclinical, and drug discovery research.

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