Sales Account Executive

Sales Account Executive

RockStep Solutions is seeking a contract sales person who is available immediately to work on commission.  The right candidate could have the option to transition to full time employment with an alternate compensation package.  We are looking for someone with entrepreneurial instinct who wants to get in on the ground floor with the sales structure of an organization.


RockStep is a tech startup company selling a SaaS solution to biomedical research organizations including pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and contract research organizations. The SaaS solution, called Climb™, is market tested in academia with about 20 lab deployments, including several very high-profile deployments. The successful candidate will be excited about startup, an excellent team player and good culture fit for the company. RockStep’s team members are good natured, respectful, and value diverse cultures and opinions.

Purpose of this Recruitment

RockStep needs to rapidly grow the product user base to demonstrate to investors that the company has a viable product for the industry segment. The goal is to gain quick market traction.This position requires full-time commitment for six months with future potential for career growth with stock options opportunities in RockStep following the six month contract period.

This offer includes two key time points:

  • The first 30 days: 30 days from the start of the contract, RockStep and the contract employee will discuss how things are going and decide if both parties want to continue with the working relationship.
  • The first six months: For the first six months of this contract, the sales person will receive $2000 each month with 50% commission on first year annual license fees on all closed sales that he or she makes in that time frame.

Following the six-month period, RockStep and the incumbent will negotiate future opportunities.

  • This position will have a $10,000 travel budget for the first six months. All travel must be approved in advance. The travel budget for the following six months will be determined before the period starts.
  • At any time, if mutually agreeable, the sales person may transition to a full-time employee of RockStep under updated terms (including new terms of sales commission rates).
  • At any time, either party can terminate this agreement for any or no reason. Any sales that close after termination of this agreement would not be subject to commission payments.

The qualified candidate will have entrepreneurial instinct and the willingness to roll up their sleeves to make the magic happen. The candidate should have knowledge of sales fundamentals and be willing to quickly grow their pipeline and work all areas of the sales funnel, using both inbound and outbound methodology.

Ideally, the candidate has experience selling SaaS software or life-science products to academic, pharmaceutical, CROs, and biotech organizations.  Candidates must have a demonstrated track record with three professional references.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Accelerating RockStep toward the right product and market fit within the biotech industry.
  • Self education in the biomedical industry to understand our prospect’s challenges, opportunities, perspectives, and priorities.
  • Educating potential customers about RockStep products and services onsite and via online conferencing.
  • Hosting seminars/webinars designed to highlight the value or RockStep products.
  • Finding creative solutions to complex sales challenges.
  • Working with CRM tools and maintaining high quality data and current data in the CRM.
  • Attending trade shows and industry conferences and staffing RockStep vendor booth.

The successful candidate will be detail and team oriented, outgoing, and an excellent communicator.  This position will require constant learning and upgrading of skills as the RockStep product platform evolves. The incumbent will need to be flexible and responsive to changes inherent in a startup company.  The successful candidate will be as excited about Climb as we are!

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