Customer Support Specialist

RockStep Solutions is a fast-pace startup with a product that is changing the world by revolutionizing drug discovery. RockStep’s new product, Climb™, is in the market, and the company is focused on product enhancements and rapid scale-up.

General Description

This position works at RockStep’s service desk, triaging and responding to help desk tickets and tracking customer issues from initial report to resolution. The ideal applicant has a background working in biomedical research labs and/or has experience providing support for laboratory information management systems. This position will learn how to use RockStep’s software application, Climb, and quickly get up to speed so as to be able to answer general end-user questions and know when to escalate support requests to a higher-level technical support. The successful candidate will like working with people and digging in deep to solve their most challenging problems.

In addition to providing help desk support, this position will assist with writing end-user documentation and creating videos while making sure FAQ pages are up to date, and monitoring RockStep’s community forum. The incumbent will also work with RockStep’s on-boarding team providing video conferencing training to help on-board customers.

This position will include support low-volume rotating weekend help desk coverage.

The successful candidate will be flexible and willing to jump in and help other team members as needed with tasks appropriate to their skill and knowledge level.

This position reports to the customer support supervisor.

Company Culture

Our company culture is important to us. We are looking for a team player who respects the individual. We take care of our company, take care of ourselves, and work as a team to take care of each other. We value diversity and hearty debate, and we embrace outcomes of debates, even when we may not all fully agree with final decisions. If these words resonate with you, you may be a good culture fit for RockStep.

Outline of Tasks

The major tasks of this position will exercise the incumbent’s customer facing and technical skills:

  • Using RockStep’s help desk software, read, triage, and respond to customer support requests or escalate requests to appropriate level 2 support personnel.
  • Incident resolution. Track all service desk tickets to ensure requests are not lost, regardless of handoff to higher level responders.
  • Develop end-user manuals, scripts, videos, and other user support documentation.
  • Conduct video conference training sessions as part of customer onboarding and support processes.
  • Develop materials for, participate in, and assist with RockStep webinars.
  • Assist with product testing as time allows.
  • Debug difficult lab problems by setting up test instances of Climb to reproduce problem.


  • One year or more working in a user support role for a technical application.
  • One year or more experience working in a research lab (preferably an animal research lab)


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Must be comfortable working with PC and/or Macintosh computers
  • Facile with basic Microsoft Office 365 tools
  • Ability to work with service desk software for ticket logging
  • Working with webinar and video tools such as zoom

Soft Skills

  • Customer facing personality: outgoing, easily builds rapport with customers
  • Continuous learner and ability to adapt in a rapidly evolving company
  • Ability to communicate and translate complex processes and ideas to scientists, technicians, and technical product teams.


  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in biology, computer science, chemistry or related field. At least 2 year’s relevant experience or equivalent combination of education & experience.
  • Possesses an intermediate knowledge of biology, experience using databases, Internet, email, Microsoft Office Tools, and other business software.
  • Demonstrated ability with professional and courteous communications.
  • Experience working in research laboratories preferred.
  • Prior experience in customer support considered a plus.


RockStep’s headquarters are in Portland Maine.

Interested candidates should email us at jobs @ rockstepsolutions dot com