Contract Research Organizations

Climb for CROs

Sponsors have more options than ever when it comes to selecting outsource research partners, making it difficult to compete on expertise and experience alone.

With Climb, you raise your customer experience to a new level, by delivering a seamless chain of communication and operational execution from design of experiment to data collection and delivery.  Here’s how:

Design of Experiment

  • Reusable study templates streamline protocol creation and can be reviewed right from your customer portal via the Climb API
  • Easy drag and drop interface to enable customers to suggest changes to protocol designs
  • Complete audit trail captures any and all changes customers make to experimental designs eliminating version conflicts
  • Upon approval, protocol is pushed to the lab as an easy-to-understand task list, complete with instructions and  built-in forms for data collection

    Study Execution

    • Study execution workflows are driven by protocol, ensuring tasks are performed in proper sequence
    • Questions regarding test procedures, dosing instructions, animal observations, etc. can be generated and answered from within Climb, ensuring tight linkage with experimental context
    • Breeding, sample mangement, and veterinary records tied to experimental data, providing a full 360° view of experimental activity
    • Easily integrate with or import data from lab equipment and external systems, including integration with RFID and IoT equipped smart cages for round-the-clock environmental and activity monitoring

    Data Delivery

    • Create data portals for data delivery
    • Data available for analysis and QC immediately upon entry, giving you the option to provide sponsors with regular, scheduled insight into experimental trends and progress
    • Discrete, secured Climb workgroups can be provisioned on a client by client or study by study basis to prevent unauthorized access to data
    • Standardize data delivery formats to match customer preference. while enabling data querying across experiments and across studies
    • Native Cloud architecture ensures 24/7 data availability from any location and any HTML 5 equipped mobile phone or laptop