COVID-19 Preparedness for Animal Research Technichians

Pandemic Business Continuity Preparedness

During this crisis, RockStep Solutions is offering Climb licenses discounts to research teams working on COVID vaccines or therapeutics. 

Critical Operation Continuity

During an outbreak, critical operations must continue.  Climb keeps teams functioning while maintaining social distance, by enabling remote staff to plan, schedule, and monitor task progress for the onsite in vivo staff.

Animal Welfare

  • Animal caretakers and technicians get their to-do lists in Climb
    • Daily Health Checks
    • Treatment Plans
    • Husbandry and Breeding Tasks
    • Health and Behavior Scoring
  • Technicians log health observations and can add photos and videos
  • Urgent alerts are sent to veterinarians, scientists, and animal welfare staff
  • All communication leaves an audit trail
  • Veterinarians diagnose, setup, and monitor treatment plans remotely
  • Supervisors and scientists monitor husbandry, breeding, and study progress

Remote Study Planning and Scheduling

  • Scientists
    • Design studies
    • Create cohorts/treatment groups
    • Enroll animals on study
    • Track progress
    • Retrieve data
  • Study Scheduler/Manager
    • Allocate tasks to staff
    • Easily reschedule tasks due to illness or absence
    • Monitor full situational awareness of operations

Data Wrangling

  • Data is captured directly into Climb
  • No transcription needed
  • Instrument files are imported in a pre-harmonized output
  • Data Scientists
    • Retrieve data remotely from Climb
    • 360º visibility into how tasks were conducted
      • Timing
      • Adverse event notes
      • Technician instructions

Remote Onboarding and Training

  • RockStep staff are trained and have vast experience conducting trainings and onboardings remotely via Zoom.
    • User interviews
    • Process mapping
    • Training portals:
      • Documentation
      • Videos
      • Printable workflow charts

Scientific Sourcing From Your Home

  • RockStep and partner to make scientific sourcing easy
  • Order animals and services through and manage these animals and studies with Climb
  • Design, purchase, and manage outsourced in vivo experiements whether at home or in the office
  • Connecting research organizations with research service providers through the marketplace

Enable Science From Your Home

During this COVID-19 crisis, we are here to help research organizations maintain business continuity.  RockStep’s Climb™ and are ideal for managing all your in vivo operations with safe social distancing to help minimize risk to your staff and your research.  We are working with our customers and partners to ensure everyone who needs a solution gets one.  Contact us for more information.