Regulatory IACUC Compliance

  • Easily generate animal use and welfare reports for IACUC
  • Audit trails ensure all data changes are tracked and tagged to a named user
  • In-app auditable communications provide traceability and accountability
  • Schedule, track, and manage all vivarium tasks

“I just want to share my positive experience with you about Climb. Prior to using Climb, it was difficult to keep a perfect record on animal usage. It was always a pain when it comes to dealing with IACUC reviews.

Since we started using Climb a year ago, we have had no mistakes in keeping records, and data entry is a breeze. During our protocol annual review a short while ago, IACUC had zero questions on our animal usage! Thank you!”

- Mu Yang, PhD

Director, Mouse NeuroBehavior Core, Institute for Genomic Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

Research labs using Climb can easily prepare for annual regulatory reporting. With a few mouse clicks, they can report on all animals used or planned for use in a study. Reports include health status, what the animals were used for, who conducted the tasks assigned to the animal, and what the outcomes were. Our team is also able to create custom reports to accommodate your specific needs.

During regulatory inspections, printed cage cards with bar codes make it easy for inspectors to understand the connection between the physical world in the animal room and data in the database. Regulatory reports and inspections do not need to be massive, time-consuming operations if the database is up to date.