Animal Colony Management Tour


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Your colony at a glance



View all animals in your colony

animal facet.png

Choose the items you wish to display


Search and filter to find exactly what you need 

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Filter by naming range, birth date range, line, and more!


Create Matings

matings.pngMatings are recorded in the Matings Facet. Matings can be searched and sorted by values such as mating date, births, status, and line.


View and create details for your matings

matings detail.pngThis includes data such as the progeny line, mating type and purpose, sire and dam, and location.



Drag and drop functionality makes working on the iPad a breeze

matings drag.png

Alternatively, enter information with a bar code scanner by placing the cursor in the field and scanning in the barcode.


Log and Track Births


Births are recorded in the Birth facet and will appear in the Mating and Animals facets once saved.


Add new births in the detail view.

births details.png

Once the Housing ID is selected, Climb automatically populates many of the fields in the Births Facet.



Log detailed litter information

detail litter info.pngClimb automatically gives each animal a unique system ID.



Print Cage Cards

cage cards.png

Print individual cage cards here, or print in bulk using the Reports Facet.


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