Colony Management Support

The Next Generation of Colony Management

Climb offers an impressive range of proven colony management features, brought to you by a team with an extensive background in building model animal colony management software.

  • Husbandry
  • Pedigrees
  • Advanced Breeding Strategies
  • Cage Management
  • Sample Collection
  • Experimental Workflow Assignment

All of these features are made available through Climb’s innovative Facet™ modules, allowing you to drag and drop screen components to build a workspace and interact with your data.

Efficient data collection and record keeping for successful colony management is more significant than ever. Despite rapidly advancing technologies, data management in animal model research remains a burden on technicians, who rely on paper notes and data transcription at a later time into a spreadsheet or database.

This approach is error prone, time consuming, and can cause experimental time lags and unnecessary animal usage. Windows of opportunity to gather experimental results are often compromised.








In order to eliminate these errors and time lags, and ensure efficient research animal use, Climb’s colony management features:

  • Allow technicians to enter data right from the bench or vivarium.
  • Make data immediately available to researchers and veterinarians.

How can mobile colony management work for you?


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