Lab Workflow Support

Flexible, Mobile First Laboratory Workflow Management


A technician at the bench can now send a mobile alert to an investigator anywhere in the world and receive instant feedback, allowing critical decisions to be made with total data visibility and zero time lag. This is the future of laboratory workflow management brought into the present.

By targeting mobile device usability, Climb provides breakthrough opportunities for research staff to exchange data in real time.




Our team brings a thorough understanding of the nature of scientific research to the software we build.

We understand the universal need for software to enable, not inhibit, fast paced and fluctuating research environments.


Climb is built from the ground up to support dynamic workflows. Some features included are:

  • Configurable tasks and protocols
  • Ad-hoc in-process workflow
  • Custom drop down list definition
  • Data validation and outlier range definition

All of this is backed by powerful audit trail logging to support regulatory compliance.

Climb is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud to integrate with IoT and machine learning for all animal researchers and biomedical laboratories.

To increase efficiency and extend capabilities in experimental workflow, Climb leverages the combined advantages of:

  • cost-effective mobile devices
  • cloud storage
  • push notifications
  • instant communication frameworks


Tour: Workflows for Laboratory Managment