Our Commitment

Here at RockStep, our entire team is committed to providing excellence in both the quality of our product and the experience we provide our customers.

Our goal is to provide industry-leading in vivo research management software that helps labs get more science done and to achieve that, we are constantly listening to our customers’ needs.

Our innovation and design roadmap is guided by the ever-changing landscape of in vivo research requirements and our own high quality standards. We are proud to present Climb, our solution for digitally transforming in vivo research.

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Our Climb 2.0 software goes through rigorous design and testing phases before each release.

Our design and development teams are dedicated to creating an efficient, easy to use platform that addresses the specific challenges of in vivo research.
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Customer Experience

Our comprehensive onboarding process gives new customers hands-on training to set them up for success.

After onboarding is complete, our Customer Support Team is always ready to answer questions and provide assistance as needed.
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“Climb is user friendly, and it doesn’t take very long to learn how to use it and there is a lot of support from the company to help with training.

Along those lines, the customer support is awesome! Anytime we’ve had an issue, the support team is very accommodating and always handles our concerns in a timely manner. “
- Julie Siegenthaler
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Denver

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