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Manage your laboratory anytime, anywhere.

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Monitor task progress, view experimental data, and manage personnel resources, all within the Workflow Facet.




Use the Studies Facet to track grants, proposals, IACUC protocols, regulatory audits, and more!
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Track work associated with your study/proposal by creating tasks (individual units of work).
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Tasks are generic until applied to an experiment where specific inputs are filled in.  Tasks can be assigned resources, animals, samples, and due dates.




Once created, the personnel will view tasks and collect task data in the Workflow Facet.

task view of workflow.png

Personnel follow input instructions, and enter data into outputs.  Files, such as equipment readouts, can be stored here.




Ease experiment set-up by grouping tasks that are frequently performed together.

protocol facet.png

Simply drag and drop your tasks into the Protocol Facet to create easy to use task lists.




Create Jobs to manage the study/proposal particulars

jobs facet.png

This is work done under a specific study/project/proposal.  All of your tasks and protocols will come together in the Jobs Facet.  Jobs are composed of general information, tasks to be done, animals and samples assigned to the experiment, and experiment status.



Detailed View of Job Facet

job detail.png

Resources, personnel, due dates, and specific animals or samples can all be assigned to tasks right here in the Jobs Facet.  New tasks and protocols can be added.  Old tasks can be cancelled.




Ensure compliance with the powerful Audit Facet.  Climb tracks every single change made by every single user.




Use the Reports Facet to track per diem cage costs, track IACUC totals, print cage cards, and more!



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