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in vivo research.

From the leaders in cloud-based software solutions for the in vivo lab, RockStep Solutions brings you Climb. Climb™ is designed to streamline workflows and ensure robust, high-integrity preclinical study data.

Leverages industry-leading technology

Industry-leading, cloud-native technology ensures security, scalability, and configurability so Climb can be deployed across in vivo workflows.

Streamlines in vivo workflows

Empower scientists with industry-leading tools, to easily manage, scheduling and resourcing, while driving improvements in workflow efficiency.

Harnesses preclinical study data

Easily manage the staggering amount of data collected in early-stage research so it can be reliably analyzed, repurposed, and moved forward into clinicals.

Learn How Climb can help transform the in vivo lab

Want to see what the future of in vivo research looks like? View the video and see what makes Climb a must-have for your early-stage research.
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Unlock the value of preclinical data and accelerate research timelines

Isn’t it time to abandon pen and paper and focus on the future?

Accelerate early-phase research

Optimize in vivo research through process improvement and cutting-edge technology.

Identify promising therapeutic candidates sooner

Meet milestones and move the most viable prospects to the clinic.

Improve study velocity and data integrity

Demonstrate speed, scalability and innovation to partner life science organizations.

Advance research and promote innovation

Push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology-enabled processes and workflows that help accelerate scientific discovery.

Trusted by leading life science organizations

What our clients say about Climb

Climb is helping unlock the potential to the world’s greatest discoveries for some of the industry’ leading change makers that are pushing boundaries in science through our innovative technology.

We’re changing the way in vivo research gets done. Here’s how.

Jackson Laboratory says goodbye to pen and paper

The Jackson Laboratory research team turned to Climb to address several unsustainable legacy processes and to advance its innovative research across some of the world’s most daunting conditions, including cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

We believe the work should speak for itself.

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