digital transformation of in vivo drug discovery

Climb streamlines in vivo research.

Configurable and scalable, Climb grows with your research needs.

Reduce data silos, improve collaboration and get to market faster with Climb!


Designed by Scientists, for Scientists

Climb was built specifically to address the challenges facing in vivo research by people with hands-on experience.

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Comprehensive in vivo Solution

Climb is an end-to-end collaboration suite that manages, tracks and logs all aspects of in vivo research.

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Native Cloud Application

Climb securely aggregates and harmonizes all research data in the cloud for on-demand access.

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Quality and Customer Experience

We are committed to providing our customers with an excellent experience using Climb.

Our comprehensive onboarding process gives new customers hands on training to set them up for success. After onboarding is complete, our Customer Support Team is always ready to answer questions and provide assistance as needed.

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“Rockstep Solutions stepped up to the plate with Climb, and their expert data wrangler team worked directly with our phenotyping team to help address our needs.

Our lab now runs more efficiently, and we are getting more science done!”

Gary Churchill

- PhD Professor, Karl Gunnar Johannson Chair, The Jackson Laboratory

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