About RockStep Solutions

While the idea began in a kitchen in Bar Harbor, ME, the turning point was in 2014. RockStep was selected for an innovation award from NIH, based on transformative ideas around building lab information systems to disrupt the way laboratory workflows were managed.

RockStep then partnered with Microsoft to begin developing advanced technologies, in the Azure cloud, into Climb.  In 2017, the core of Climb was released to the public and has been adopted by a number of large research labs including a Nobel Laureate lab at UCSF and labs at The Jackson Laboratory, Columbia University, MIT, as well as labs in biopharma, where companies are focusing on rapid transition to cloud infrastructure.

Our company works with frontier scientists to understand their needs, as well as some of the world’s most advanced technologies to ensure our system is state of the art, scalable, secure, low maintenance, all at incremental costs to our customers.