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Identifying promising drug candidates, Sooner.

Climb™ for Biotechnology helps eliminate bottlenecks that stand in the way of moving as quickly and safely as possible into clinical development.

Optimize early-phase research with Climb

Standardize your early-stage research with Climb for Biotechnology and generate as many quality drug candidates as possible, as quickly as possible – with the highest probability of successfully transitioning to clinical development.

Unlock the potential of early-stage science

Ensure pre-clinical data is error-free, is ready to leverage for machine learning or artificial intelligence – and importantly, is collected and analyzed for reusability.

Leverage data as a competitive advantage

Better manage the staggering amount of data in early-stage research and ensure its integrity – accurately, reliably, and with full transparency – easily moving forward into analysis and visualization.

Focus on the science, not data wrangling

Eliminate the manual, highly-error-prone processes that are not only costly but can lead to missed discovery opportunities or false starts at a time when efficiency is needed most.

Looking for ways to leverage pre-clinical data?
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Our lab conducts high throughput lab animal phenotyping and generates enormous amounts of complex data. We have high-profile research contracts with NIH and with leading edge companies. Reliable and accurate data capture, experimental reproducibility, and process control are crucial to our science.

We tried a large on-premises LIMS, and it failed to meet our need to share data across multiple sites. RockStep Solutions stepped up to the plate with Climb, and their expert team worked directly with our phenotyping team to help address our needs. Our lab now runs more efficiently, and we are getting more science done!

Gary Churchill, Ph.D.
Professor Karl Gunnar Johansson
Chair, The Jackson Laboratory

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