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Embrace A Data-Driven Approach to Early-Stage Research

Data informs every step of the clinical development journey. With Climb™ for Emerging Companies, you can start that journey with a technology-driven approach that begins in the pre-clinical phase.

Future-proof your data with Climb

Agility, flexibility, and resilience define today’s emerging companies. Reliably access all your pre-clinical study data and leverage insights that inform future phases of clinical development.

Disrupt the status quo

Eliminate unnecessary complexity, avoid inefficiencies, prevent rework, and free up resources. Climb can help support more reliable data analysis from animal studies, allowing for faster development of new therapies.

Adopt technology as a competitive advantage

When underpinned by the right technology infrastructure, you can improve the quality and speed of pre-clinical development by relying on advanced data collection and analysis, automated lab workflows, and the potential to deliver cutting-edge insights.

Leverage data to demonstrate value

Eliminate the high-error-prone manual processes and data wrangling that can lead to missed discovery opportunities or false starts at a time when it’s important to demonstrate value to stakeholders and investors

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