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Advance Research and Ignite Innovation

With Climb’s cloud-based technology, you’ll have a more flexible and less capital-intensive approach to conducting early-stage research.

Incorporate Technology into Scientific Processes

Improve the reproducibility of research, introduce automated efficiencies into lab workflows, and more easily transition discoveries from a research domain to clinical setting.

Identify insights faster

With Climb, scientists and lab personnel no longer have to manually comb through data to recognize patterns, access and analyze insights, and move science forward.

Collaborate, communicate and connect

Executing large, complicated, or multiple studies with limited resources can be an enormous logistical challenge. Climb serves as a communication and data hub accessible across working groups, other research labs or CROs, eliminating the need for multiple solutions.

Streamline processes and reduce bottlenecks

Empower scientists and technicians with the colony management, study design, and workflow tools that accelerate research through full visibility into study and task requirements, easy data entry, and harmonized data ready for analysis or visualization.

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“We selected this company because many of the people in it have direct, hands-on, experience in other world-class animal programs, and we felt that they really understood our needs. They have been very responsive to our requests, and we are appreciating the fruits of our collective hard work.

Julian Castaneda, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
Director of Animal Facility, University of California San Francisco

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