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Scale Pre-Clinical Studies Quickly and Efficiently

Competitively differentiate by adopting a scalable, secure, best-in-class solution that ensures speed, efficiency, and transparency across stakeholders and sponsors.

Stay at The Forefront of Innovation

Rethink the possibilities. Adopt innovative technologies. And leverage workflow solutions that close the gaps in pre-clinical research, helping you navigate complexity with speed and efficiency.

Ensure secure and robust data practices

The confidentiality and protection of sponsor intellectual property (IP) are critical concerns in pre-clinical research. With Climb, CROs can be assured that data is secure, accurate, and easily accessible for reporting and analysis.

Adopt technology as a competitive advantage

When underpinned by the right technology infrastructure, you can improve the quality and speed of pre-clinical development by relying on robust study design and execution capabilities task and resource scheduling, automated lab workflows, and the potential to deliver cutting-edge insights.

Improve efficiency and reduce deviations

Enable better collaboration and communication between scientists, lab technicians, veterinarians, and the sponsor. Increased visibility into study and task requirements reduces sampling/dosing errors and missed timepoints, reducing costly repeated studies.

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“Climb allows you to design a study, resource components of that study, and then configure the tasks so that the technician knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

Jason Davis, Product Owner Director
Charles River Laboratories

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