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Study and Protocol Management

Improve in Vivo Research Efficiencies And Accuracy

Executing large in vivo studies can be an enormous logistical challenge. Climb™ handles everything from colony management to study design and sample collection, acting as a single source of truth for your animal research operations.

Bring innovation and efficiency into the lab

Research studies are rarely conducted in isolation, requiring comprehensive in vivo research management to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of drug discovery and the complexity and scale of the data. Climb allows staff to manage tasks, resources, and data more efficiently and easily collaborate across drug discovery processes.

Access accurate, harmonized data

Climb promotes accurate and real-time collaboration between all facets of the R&D and drug discovery processes. Intuitive functionality, data locking, search, filters, reporting, and audits allow data to be located and shared. Hosted in a cloud environment, Climb ensures data is secure and backed up using real-time replication – making it easily restored in the event of an unexpected disruption.

Eliminate functional silos

Climb acts the communication and data hub, unifying the various teams working on a study. Scientists and study directors can create and set up studies, animal care takers and technicians can prepare animals, and managers can assign staff to tasks and monitor study progress. Key information can be easily found in Climb, increasing visibility on all levels

Streamline research workflows

Climb’s workflow engine helps manage in vivo studies – from colony maintenance through study design, planning, and data capture, to sample collection. Scientists can choose from existing workflows or create new tasks. They can schedule tasks and secure resources. And technicians can use mobile devices and scanners to locate animals, conduct tests, and capture data more efficiently.

Rely on a complete chain of custody

Get complete visibility into your vivarium and research facility. All activities and research communications are logged in real- time and auditable with a complete chain of custody for all tasks, workflows, and data capture executed within the system. Studies and data can be locked by administrators to prevent changes.

Improve animal recordkeeping and welfare

Easily track animal health records and their associated studies and procedures. Climb’s clinical observations capabilities allow veterinary staff to receive urgent alerts so treatments can be administered as quickly as possible. Filter-and-search capabilities make finding information easy, helping to facilitate IACUC reporting and review while adhering to animal welfare core principles

Transparently monitor research progression

As a cloud-native software, scientists, study monitors, and directors can design and monitor research progression from anywhere, while accessing data in real-time. Climb helps reduce study creation time by providing reusable templates, task management for improved visibility into study flow and timing, and data collection automation which reduces human error and the need for data cleanup.

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Adopting Climb has improved our lab’s efficiency and makes it possible to simultaneously manage multiple experiments, coordinate resources, and conduct complex protocols. In addition to having a great product, their support team is fantastic. Climb is clearly a leader in lab animal management systems!

Ron Korstanje, PhD FAHA
Assistant Professor, The Jackson Laboratory

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