Study and Protocol Management

Scientists using Climb in a lab

Study Design

  • Customizable to accommodate any research area
  • Calculated fields
  • Chain of custody
  • Randomization for cohorts
  • Track IACUC protocols
  • Reusable templates
Animation of a pencil and ruler

Experimental Design

  • Reproducibility
  • Process standardization
  • Configurable workflow definitions
  • Every action is audited and traceable
  • Reusable protocols
  • Integrated animal record and sample data
Animation of a calendar

Task Management

  • Configurable inputs and outputs
  • Combine tasks into reusable protocols
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Resource allocation
  • Workflows and time-bound tasks
  • Messaging and alerts

Successful in vivo research requires a comprehensive management system designed to streamline everything from importing animals to experimental design and data collection. Without an effective solution, you risk wasting your limited time and budget on an inefficient and potentially non-compliant process. 

Don’t let the opportunity for efficient and effective animal research management software pass you by. Climb delivers with an easy-to-use system that simplifies study design, animal husbandry, data collection, and every other aspect of in vivo testing. 

Key advantages made possible by Climb for preclinical research include:

  • Calendar and scheduling tools ensure that the right staff members are completing desired tasks appropriately. 
  • Maintain detailed and thorough records according to the most stringent Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) standards.
  • Traceability and accountability are provided via a full audit trail.
  • Configurable inputs, outputs, and vocabularies can be adjusted based on specific study requirements or your laboratory standards.

The result? Accurate datasets that are easy to analyze and interpret, more studies completed, and drugs being brought to market faster! It all begins with strategically managed animal research.

Don’t compromise when selecting or implementing your animal research management system. The right in vivo LIMS can make all the difference, paving the path to accurate results and impressive efficiency every step of the way. This is your opportunity to digitalize your lab and prepare for the lab of the future.