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Ensure The Responsible Use Of Animals In Research

Climb™ helps improve animal welfare and reduce staff burden by tracking, recording, and compiling all necessary information easily and all in one system.

Attain the highest level of animal care without disrupting research projects

One of the greatest challenges for researchers has been their inability to sufficiently document the health and experimental processes associated with an animal. The use of spreadsheets, notebooks, or even sticky notes to track clinical diagnoses, treatments, and tests costs valuable time as technicians scramble to record and later compile regulatory reports. With Climb, staff can responsibly reduce the number of animals used, refine tests to cause less stress on animals, and replace animal studies with other methods, if necessary.

Rely on robust regulatory reporting capabilities

Veterinary staff are able to pull detailed reports from Climb and, if an audit is conducted, Climb’s audit logs track any information changes (add, edit, or delete), who made the changes, and display historical data associated with the record.

Proactively manage animal health concerns

Real-time alerting allows veterinary staff to respond immediately to animal health issues with treatment plan instructions or easily locate the animal to evaluate, armed with the necessary equipment and reagents as outlined in the information captured in the clinical observation record in Climb.

Avoid unnecessary experimental replication

Access aggregated, searchable data that provides an archive of original and accurate historical data, preventing unnecessary experimental replication and improving experimental reproducibility. Gain access to detailed experimental protocols, study information, and data collection processes quickly via robust search and filter capabilities

Allocate animals to a research protocol

Complete colony management and census provides full situational awareness for lab staff, ensuring animals are allocated to a research protocol as soon as possible instead of maturing out of acceptance criteria and being euthanized.

Help staff improve processes

Auditing and electronic signatures help identify staff that require additional training and processes that may need to be modified or updated.

Streamline tasks in the vivarium

Create and schedule tasks while specifying any important information needed to complete them successfully. Tasks contain instructions for breeding, handling, moving, or genotyping animals. Each animal record also includes detailed location information so the technician can find the animal quickly and efficiently.

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Climb is user friendly, and it doesn’t take very long to learn how to use it and there is a lot of support from the company to help with training. Along those lines, the customer support is awesome! Anytime we’ve had an issue, the support team is very accommodating and always handles our concerns in a timely manner. For example, we wanted customized cage cards and they were great about the design and making the cards available for us to access relatively quickly. We would highly recommend Climb for animal colony management and research laboratories.

Julie Siegenthaler
Assistant Professor, Dept of Pediatrics, University of Colorado, Denver

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