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Better Data Faster with Climb

Outsourcing non-clinical research?  You’re not alone.  Kalorama Research predicts that by 2020, 50% of research will be outsourced.

Climb delivers a seamless chain of communication and execution from design of experiment to data collection and aggregation which is key to successful collaborations with your CRO and academic partners.  Here’s how:

Design of Experiment

  • Reusable templates streamline protocol creation
  • Drag and drop to make changes to task sequences
  • Automatic alerts and notifications whenever a protocol change is suggested
  • Complete audit trail captures any and all changes made to an experimental design
  • Upon approval, protocol is pushed to the lab as an easy-to-understand task list, complete with instructions and built-in forms for data collection

Study Execution

  • A single repository for all experimental data, tightly linked with study protocol and animal lineage, streamlining reporting and root cause analysis
  • Study execution workflows are driven by protocol, ensuring that tasks are performed in proper sequence
  • Breeding, sample mangement, and veterinary records tied to experimental data, providing a full 360° view of experimental activity
  • Seamless integration with RFID and IoT devices and instruments for round-the-clock environmental and activity monitoring

Data Delivery

  • Data available for analysis and QC immediately upon entry — no more waiting for the final report
  • Make adjustments while experiments are in flight — crucial for adaptive trial methodologies
  • Easily integrate with or import data from lab equipment and external systems, with full access via API
  • Standardize data delivery formats enabling data querying across experiments and across studies
  • Native Cloud architecture ensures 24/7 data availability from any location and any HTML 5 equipped mobile phone or laptop