Customer Stories

Learn how research laboratories are accelerating discovery with Climb.

“Instead of 5 or 6 minutes per mating, I can do them in a minute or less. Taking mice out of the system gives the biggest time saving. When I say 1000% faster, I’m not exaggerating. A stack of cards that would take me an hour, I can do in one to two minutes with Climb.

Another huge time saver has been inventory. Now we have instant access to inventory, my boss can look at mice without having to email and have me go count the mice manually. Instead of a half an hour or hour, I can do it in a few minutes.

I’m able to easily generate excel reports for mouse inventory and send them to coworkers so they can select what they need. Climb helps in that aspect and also being able to look up mice without having to go through the room and count box by box.

Climb has been really great in that I can go in and filter mice by genotype. I can look at specific genotypes, genders, age, anything I want and that has helped a lot.”

- Dana Maddocks

Colony Coordinator, The Jackson Laboratory

“Our lab conducts high throughput lab animal phenotyping and generates enormous amounts of complex data. We have high-profile research contracts with NIH and with leading edge companies. Reliable and accurate data capture, experimental reproducibility, and process control are crucial to our science.

We tried a large on premises LIMS, and it failed to meet our need to share data across multiple sites. RockStep Solutions stepped up to the plate with Climb, and their expert data wrangler team worked directly with our phenotyping team to help address our needs.

Our lab now runs more efficiently, and we are getting more science done!”

- Gary Churchill, PhD

Professor, Karl Gunnar Johansson Chair, The Jackson Laboratory

“We selected this company because many of the people in it have direct, hands-on, experience in other world-class animal programs, and we felt that they really understood our needs.  They have been very responsive to our requests, and we are appreciating the fruits of our collective hard work.”

- Julian Castaneda, DVM, PhD, DACLAM

Director of Animal Facility, University of California San Francisco

“We love working with RockStep! Our research focuses on identifying key genetic factors that contribute to the decline of function and damage of the aging kidney. We previously used JCMS, and now have switched to Climb.

Adopting Climb has improved our lab’s efficiency and makes it possible to simultaneously manage multiple experiments, coordinate resources, and conduct complex protocols. In addition to having a great product, their support team is fantastic. Climb is clearly a leader in lab animal management systems!”

- Ron Korstanje, PhD FAHA

Assistant Professor, The Jackson Laboratory

“There are a lot of positive things about Climb and RockStep Solutions. The support and response is outstanding! The team is always open to making sure we have everything we need. This is a HUGE BENEFIT!

The functionality of Climb is exactly what we needed, especially since we can tailor it to our needs.”

- Alyssa Gillespie

Lab Manager, Research Specialist Senior, University of Virginia

“I just want to share my positive experience with you about Climb. Prior to using Climb, it was difficult to keep a perfect record on animal usage. It was always a pain when it comes to dealing with IACUC reviews.

Since we started using Climb a year ago, we have had no mistakes in keeping records, and data entry is a breeze. During our protocol annual review a short while ago, IACUC had zero questions on our animal usage! Thank you!”

- Mu Yang, PhD

Director, Mouse NeuroBehavior Core, Institute for Genomic Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

“A big positive for us is that Climb is web based.  We can open it on a home computer or in the mouse room.  Previous databases kept all our information on one computer, and with Climb, we don’t worry about out colony data getting lost if something happens to the computer.  It’s always available.

Climb is user friendly, and it doesn’t take very long to learn how to use it and there is a lot of support from the company to help with training.  Along those lines, the customer support is awesome!  Anytime we’ve had an issue, the support team is very accommodating and always handles our concerns in a timely manner.  For example, we wanted customized cage cards and they were great about the design and making the cards available for us to access relatively quickly.

We would highly recommend Climb for animal colony management and research laboratories. “

- Julie Siegenthaler

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Denver