Scientific Advisory Board

Amy Salem, Ph.D.

Current: Associate Director Animal Welfare Operations and Training at Merck

Previous: Associate Director Regulatory Affairs, University of Pennsylvania.

Board Member: Amy’s scientific career and  experience in research animal welfare bring the unique perspective of how lab software systems need to work with animal care workflows, and regulatory compliance.

Nick Ventresca

Current: SVP, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Seres Therapeutics

Previous: Sr. VP IT & CIO Charles River, VP Pfizer, CTO Life Biosciences

Board Member: With his experience in CROs, big Pharma, and Biotech, Nick has deep experience in IT infrastructure across all industry segments.

Tushar Menon, Ph.D.

Current: Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Program and Portfolio Management | Genetic / Nucleic Acid Therapies

Previous: Postdoctoral Fellow, Salk Institute for Biomedical Studies

Board Member: Tushar brings a deep scientific background, extensive experience in managing a portfolio of assets at Vertex, and advisory experience in the startup community to RockStep’s advisory board. His current work with the Nex3 accelerator in San Diego ensures that he has his fingers on the pulse of the startup community.

Arthur Hubbs

Retired: Corporate Sr. VP, IT and CIO of Charles River Laboratories

Previous: VP R&D Informatics, Pfizer.

Board Member: Arthurs extensive background in biopharmaceutical companies and CROs provides a unique understanding how both sides of the CRO/customer relationship work. As an IT visionary, Arthur helps guide RockStep’s product direction and business focus.

Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D.

Retired:  Chief Information Officer, Harvard Medical School

Previous: President, Provasculon.

Board Member: Rainer is a visionary and often invited keynote speaker industry conferences. Rainer’s experience in biopharma and academia brings dual perspectives to RockStep’s strategic planning sessions.

Jeff  Warhaft

Current: Head of IT at Zealand Pharma

Previous: Director of IT, Biogen, Boston Biomedical.

Board Member: Jeff has deep knowledge of how IT systems and business value intersect to transform research. Jeff brings the perspective how software systems, like Climb, fit into the informatics ecosystems of high throughput drug discovery workflows.