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RockStep explores cutting-edge solutions for the in vivo lab of the future.

A critical first step before moving to human clinical trials, in vivo studies are largely hands-on and often depend on manual or basic data capture processes, including handwritten notes, spreadsheets, or in-house legacy systems. Use our Readiness Checklist to plan your path to technology-enabled workflows.

Future-Forward: A Readiness Checklist to Digitally Transform in vivo Research

Rapid technology advancements are accelerating the strategic necessity to modernize in vivo research. To transform the lab from outdated, manual processes, organizations need to consider embracing digital solutions. Only through advanced lab technologies and other digital innovations – artificial intelligence, electronic lab notebooks, IoT – will it be possible to leverage the data collected during in vivo research and enhance efficiency, data accuracy, and collaboration.

The paper offers a readiness checklist to guide organizations that are looking to embark on the journey of modernizing in vivo research through the strategic integration of technology into study workflows and animal management processes.

This Checklist provides a planning process that explores:

Download the Readiness Checklist.

2024 Checklist