Biological Sample Management

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  • Sample production
  • Sample status
  • Sample location
  • Track samples to source
  • Integrated with animal and research records
  • Print sample labels
  • Sample pedigree tracking

Effective biological sample management lies at the heart of every successful in vivo testing initiative. High volumes of samples are crucial for modern drug development, but keeping track of these samples — and discerning patterns from such extensive data — can be difficult.

Top challenges include locating sample history and determining the sample’s current status. Hence, the need for configurable animal research data management software. The ideal solution will provide a 360-degree view of all relevant sample details, including history, pedigree, and status.

Sample management systems can also handle important tasks such as printing sample labels and integrating data with other animal research records.

Over time, an effective laboratory information management system (LIMS) will improve both efficiency and accuracy for sample tracking. Additionally, sample management software such as animal research LIMS can play a critical role in promoting compliance.

From tracking resources to scheduling activities, Climb supports numerous tasks that can be configured based on the unique circumstances of a given research initiative. The solution’s integrated sample management module allows researchers to make the most of sample data, thereby preventing quantity from trumping quality.

As you seek a reliable solution for handling the influx of data prompted by study samples, look to Climb to provide a comprehensive, strategically integrated solution. This enterprise system handles the complications of protocol management for animal research and a variety of other relevant concerns. This is an excellent opportunity to level up in vivo testing and sample management.