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RockStep Solutions Partners with Dotmatics

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RockStep Solutions partner’s with Dotmatics to provide an integrated solution for digitalized in vivo drug discovery.

  • Integration of RockStep’s in vivo study management software with Dotmatics’ cloud-first R&D platform will streamline experiments and workflows.
  • RockStep’s Climb software will be available from Dotmatics.
Bishop’s Stortford, UK, and Portland, ME, USA, 12 October 2021: Dotmatics Ltd, an Insightful Science company that provides leading-edge scientific informatics software to drive the automation of lab data workflows and accelerate critical R&D discovery, today announced a partnership with RockStep Solutions (RockStep), a developer of software tools for managing data and operations for in vivo research. The collaboration combines the simple, unified, real-time access to all research data afforded by the Dotmatics Platform with RockStep’s in vivo study management software, Climb™, enabling a fully integrated workflow that will save researchers’ time and improve ease of operation as a further step towards the Lab of The Future (LOTF).

This combination will create an integrated digitalized solution for end-to-end in vivo research, drug discovery and assay management. By integrating Climb’s flexibility to design and execute in vivo studies for animal research and the Dotmatics Platform, the steps required by scientists to execute and manage all data associated with drug discovery projects are reduced thereby streamlining processes and improving the overall user experience. The Dotmatics Platform will act as a central data hub for Climb, with all data accessible on demand and stored securely in the cloud to future-proof discovery and safety operations. Digitalizing drug discovery allows integration across departments and time-zones, enabling researchers to explore and search data upstream and downstream with visibility into operations and chain of custody.

RockStep’s Climb software will be available from Dotmatics, as an integrated offering with Dotmatics Platform. Customers will have the ability to enhance their in vivo research data workflows without needing to manage multiple vendor relationships.

Mike McKee, President and CEO, Dotmatics, commented: “This partnership brings together the power of the Dotmatics platform with RockStep’s best-in-breed in vivo study management software to create a completely integrated and digitalized solution. It is a flexible and scalable SaaS solution not seen before and we are delighted to be working with RockStep to bring it to our customers.”

Chuck Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer, RockStep Solutions, added: “Our aim is to improve in vivo drug discovery laboratory operations and data management with our highly scalable cloud laboratory informatics platform – Climb. This is a vision shared by Dotmatics, with Climb’s flexibility to design and execute in vivo studies fitting perfectly within Dotmatics drug and biologics platform.”

Dotmatics and RockStep will present the combined solution in a Webinar on November 16th.

About Dotmatics Ltd.

Dotmatics is a scientific informatics software and services company that is driving the automation of laboratory workflows for discovery and innovation research – accelerating the journey towards full digitalization and the Lab of the Future.

In April 2021, Dotmatics was acquired by Insightful Science and combined, are now the world’s largest cloud-based scientific research R&D platform.

With a mission to give scientists access to all of their data, all of the time, Dotmatics provides a unique portfolio of tools for fully automated, end-to-end workflows including data acquisition, knowledge management, data storage, enterprise querying and reporting, and data analytics and visualization. Through these comprehensive solutions, the Company is helping its customers to increase lab efficiency and make better informed decisions driven by all data.

Dotmatics’ customers include many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research, chemicals and materials companies. Insight into the challenges faced by these organizations enables Dotmatics to focus on delivering versatile and intuitive products and services that have potential to turn around the productivity deficit in research and accelerate development of novel drug candidates or products.

Dotmatics was founded in 2005 by two scientists from Merck Pharmaceuticals (MSD). Since then, it has built a strong and profitable business and in 2020 acquired BioBright, a Boston-based company automating secure data collection and analysis from laboratory and biomanufacturing environments.

About RockStep Solutions

RockStep Solutions is transforming in vivo drug discovery with a comprehensive cloud-based research management platform.

Developed with backing from the NIH, technical guidance from a Nobel Laureate at UCSF, and a world-class team of pharma experts, Climb is the world’s first and only fully integrated cloud collaboration platform for managing in vivo data and operations.  Climb can manage all aspects of in vivo research projects; from study design to the vivarium, lab workflows, and sample tracking.

Climb runs in the highly secure Azure™ cloud, which provides global infrastructure to easily scale from small biotechs to global pharmaceutical companies. Climb aggregates, harmonizes, and delivers data across therapeutic areas and helps get the right drugs to market faster. With a multinational customer base, Climb is now recognized as a best-in-class solution for in vivo drug discovery.

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