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SaaS Cloud-Based LIMS: Is it for Right You? 

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A blog article by Ashlie Reker Ph.D.

SaaS solutions have been made increasingly popular across many different industries. However, just because there are many benefits, does not mean all labs should be utilizing this solution. Is a Saas LIMS right for your lab?

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is an umbrella term for software that is used to optimize workflow management, record keeping, inventory management and monitor chain of custody for research facilities. The utility and sophistication of LIMS has been directly correlated with technological advancements, perhaps most notably internet improvement and accessibility. Combining LIMS with Software as a Service (SaaS), where software is centrally hosted (often in the cloud) and licensed via subscription to users is a principal factor in this advancement.

Major Benefits of SaaS LIMS

  • Enabling workflow automation, reducing human error 
  • Aggregating, harmonizing, and storing data for ease of access and searchability 
  • Supporting compliance efforts with chain of custody and audit support 
  • Standardizing workflows and vocabulary 
  • Integrating with instruments or other in-lab systems to improve lab efficiency 
  • Easy task management and resource scheduling 
  • Encouraging global real-time collaboration and decision-making 
  • Getting more science done! 
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Cloud-based SaaS LIMS offer laboratories the ability to reduce overhead by eliminating the cost of housing a physical server as well as ongoing system maintenance such as security, backups, upgrades, and their consequent workflow interruptions. Accordingly, SaaS LIMS users can be confident they are working with the latest versions and securities of the licensed software. 

This is particularly attractive for the high-throughput biopharmaceutical sector where pre-clinical in vivo drug discovery and safety research requires on-demand access to data and records as well as auditing for both data integrity and compliance.  

Data is the driving force behind today’s competitive, fast-paced R&D efforts. Analyzing large amounts of data, often representing multiple development pipelines across different facilities, is crucial in making effective research decisions to move toward IND approval or abandon false leads. SaaS LIMS facilitate this by acting as a central repository that can be accessed from any location at any time.  

Climb from RockStep Solutions provides an industry-leading, cloud-based, SaaS LIMS tailored to high-throughput pre-clinical R&D workflows. This comprehensive platform aggregates and harmonizes data for every step of the therapeutic development pipeline, including colony management, study design, data collection and sample tracking. 

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For example, a pharmaceutical company on the US East Coast has contracted a CRO on the West Coast. A 24- hour pharmacokinetic experiment has been finalized and approved for execution by 12:00pm Eastern time. Using Climb, this study is automatically scheduled for 9:00am (12:00pm Eastern) that same day  on the West Coast and on-demand data access will be available for East Coast researchers before the end of the next business day. 

To see how Climb can optimize your in vivo research, contact RockStep Solutions today! 

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