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Cage Cards in Climb 2.0

A blog article by Karissa Panzino

About Cage Cards

Data collection and record keeping is critical when it comes to in vivo research management. Amongst other practices, cage cards are an efficient way to capture important information about the animals being worked with and can help minimize errors. They display critical information such as IACUC protocol while also providing at-a-glance details on animals.

In addition to its built-in data management capabilities, Climb supports cage cards for colony management within the vivarium.
Our team offers a library of cage cards designed for various purposes. Even better, these cage cards will capture information already in the system, preventing the need to hand-write information.

Cage Card Styles

Climb currently has four categories of cage cards to choose from: animal, mating, wean, and study type cards. The various cage card types capture different pieces of information and can be horizontally or vertically oriented.

Example Animal cage card (horizontal orientation):

Vivarium Cage Card
Example Mating cage card (vertical orientation):
These cards can be designed with bar codes to support workflows involving scanners.

Additionally, Climb is integrated with RapID tags and can print cage cards reflecting the tag color and QR code of the animal.
Example Study cage card (with Barcodes and Color Coding):
RapidId Color Coded Cage Card
If none of the pre-designed cage card styles suit a lab’s workflow, we can always work with customers to create cage cards that are just right for their needs.

Printing Cage Cards

Once a customer has cage cards deployed, it is simple to print these cards directly from your Climb workgroup. Simply select the animals to print cage cards for, click the “Cards” button, choose the desired card type, and submit.
Climb Cage Card
A new browser window will appear with the cage card PDF(s), allowing users to save and print cards as needed. If any updates to the animal or study occur, simply repeat the process to print up-to-date cage cards.

Interested in learning more about how Climb’s cage card capabilities can help your research? Request a demo today!

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