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Where Climb Fits in the Drug Discovery Process

Where Climb fits in the drug research process

Climb can help your research team streamline in vivo drug discovery.

The drug discovery process is a long and winding road from target discovery to FDA approval and getting the finished product to market. Climb fits smoothly in the middle of this journey in the in vivo research stage and will streamline your lab by:

  • Managing your animal colony with ease
  • Housing your study design, protocols, schedule, and assignments all in one convenient location
  • Managing your samples
  • Searchable, harmonized data

RockStep Solutions is partnered with Dotmatics which allows Climb to integrate smoothly with the rest of their upstream and downstream capabilities. Our API capability also integrates with lab equipment like scales and calipers and will automatically transfer data reducing the risk of human error!

Interested in learning more about how Climb can help your research team? Request a demo today!

Improve Your Lab’s Collaboration

Improve your in vivo research efficiency

Climb can improve collaboration across your entire team, from scientists to vivarium managers and vet techs, by giving everyone involved in the in vivo research process the information they need to get their jobs done correctly and efficiently.

Scientists use Climb to design their studies and provide detailed instructions to lab technicians. Study directors use Climb to manage all aspects of the laboratory workflows and scheduling. At the lab bench, technicians use Climb to guide their work and capture experimental data.

Climb’s native cloud technology allows for secure, on-demand access from anywhere, reducing data silos and improving communication.

RockStep’s in vivo management solution Climb helps labs get more cures to market faster.  Take the video tour or request a demo!
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