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Climb Software’s Animal Census Facet

Climb Animal Census Facet

A blog article by Ashlie Reker Ph.D.

Our new Animal Census Facet is now available! Keep reading to learn what this new facet can do, why it’s useful, and how to get it.

What is the Animal Census Facet?

Maintaining 360° awareness of an in vivo research animal colony is time-intensive and prone to error as animals move throughout, and potentially between, facilities for testing purposes. Climb 2.0’s new Animal Census functionality streamlines the animal census process and reduces the risk of errors while recording vital information. 

Using the Animal Census Facet, vivarium staff can:

  • Control your in vivo animal facility census accurately and efficiently, all in one screen.
  • Confirm animal housing location and see all animals housed within each unit.
  • Check the statuses of all animals (and update right in the census facet if needed).
  • Receive real-time discrepancy results between your observations and the information in Climb.

Previous discrepancy information is also available, allowing facility managers to pinpoint processes that may need to be improved for the vivarium to function at peak efficiency and accuracy.

Why would it help my lab?

Streamlining the animal census process allows vivarium staff to focus on other critical tasks. In addition, having the most up-to-date information on animal availability will allow scientists to design in vivo research protocols and studies accurately, and assist technicians in locating animals to perform experimental tasks and data collection more quickly.

With enhanced vivarium management capabilities, Climb is making it easier than ever to get your in vivo research done quickly and accurately, getting medicine & treatments to market faster!

How can I get the Animal Census Facet?

Contact us for more information and pricing!

The Animal Census Facet is an add-on facet that can be purchased by any current Climb customers.

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